Ancient & Modern Army Supplies

Shows we will be attending in 2015:

Date                       Show/Place

3rd - 4th Oct         Derby Worlds Castle Donington

14th - 15th Nov    Warfare Reading


Shows we will be attending in 2016:

Date                       Show/Place

23rd - 24th Jan      Godendag Usk (competition)

7th Feb                   Vapnartak York

20th – 21st Feb      Badcon Burton (competition)

5th Mar                   Hammerhead Newark

13th Mar                 WMMS Wolverhampton

16th Apr                 Salute London

Jul                          Attack Devizes

1st Aug                  Claymore Edinburgh

Aug                        Britcon Manchester

Sep                        Colours Newbury

Oct                        Derby Worlds Castle Donington

Nov                       Warfare Reading

TBC = to be confirmed